• Artist and Makers Fair!

    28 November 2018

    Only a few days left till The Artist and Makers Fair in Lewes Town Hall this Saturday 1st December.

    Today I’ve been sorting through stock and pricing everything up. I’m going to have a suitcase full of SALE items at great prices, lots of Scandinavian Christmas pieces, some very special vintage strands, my Liberty collection and lots of paper garlands, so come and say hi it’s open from 10am – 5pm!

    artist and makers fair

  • 20% off Advent Calendars!

    27 November 2018

    All of our Advent Calendar Bunting strands have now been discounted. Head to our shop and enjoy 20% off them no code needed!

    advent calendar bunting

  • Advent Calendar Bunting!

    26 November 2018

    This is the last week to get your advent calendars before we all start opening them on Saturday. If you are still looking for the perfect one check out our shop for some lovely original ideas. Our advent bunting comes with little pockets on every day so you can fill them with your own treats, what would your child like to find in theirs? chocolate coins, stickers, little craft projects, sweeties, lego lots of options – what ever they are into fill the pockets with what ever they love!

    Advent Calendar Bunting

  • Black Friday Weekend Discounts!

    25 November 2018

    Starting to think about Christmas decor?
    We have lots of Scandinavian inspired Christmas bunting and Advent Calendars which instantly inject some festive vibes into your home.

    Why not visit our shop now to get 20% off all orders over £20.00. Just enter the code JINGLEBELLS at the check out – offers ends tomorrow!

    christmas bunting

  • Advent Calendar Bunting!

    12 November 2018

    As we are fast approaching Christmas we are getting in the festive spirit in our studio making lots of lovely Christmas bunting to decorate your homes.

    But first things first at the moment it’s all about the advent as it will not be long till we are putting those out and counting down the days.

    We have lots of lovely Advent Calendar strands this year – some lovely Scandinavian style pieces and some of our vintage ones for those of you who love a vintage Christmas and like something a little different. Our Advents are very special pieces that can be brought out year after year and filled with the treats of your own choice.

    Do visit our shop to see more images and get more info regards lengths and sizes!

    Advent Calendar Bunting

    Advent Calendar Bunting

    Advent Calendar Bunting

    Advent Calendar Bunting

    Advent Calendar Bunting

    Advent Calendar Bunting

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