• Bunting Decor for Kids Bedroom!

    29 May 2018

    One of the latest bespoke orders to go out for a little boys bedroom!

    bespoke bunting

  • We Made the Papers!

    27 May 2018

    We made the tabloids! If anyone spots our bunting that was used for the BBC’s coverage of the Royal Wedding last Saturday in any papers or magazines do let us know!

    royal wedding bunting

  • Royal Wedding Bunting Made for the BBC!

    26 May 2018

    I was so excited to of been asked to make the bunting for the BBC’S coverage of the Royal Wedding last Saturday!
    I think Dermot and Kirsty did a wonderful job and our bunting looked very lovely too!

    If any one is interested in having some of this bunting made do get in touch.

    Royal Wedding Bunting

    Royal Wedding Bunting

  • Union Jack Bunting!

    14 May 2018

    If anyone is planning any Royal Wedding parties this weekend and you are looking for some bunting to decorate your garden, street or local pub we have a few red white and blue strand left!

    Union Jack bunting

  • 60th Birthday Banner!

    14 May 2018

    This is a lovely Happy 60th Birthday strand I recently made.
    I have had lots of orders for birthday banners this year, do get in touch if you are interested in a bespoke personalised strand we can match colours to your birthday invites or make you some lovely bunting in your favourite fabrics and shades!

    60th banner

    60th banner