frequently asked questions

  • Can you make designs different to the ones you offer in your shop?

    Yes, we are more than happy to make bunting to your specific needs and can work with you on pattern and colour choice to get the look you require. See our bespoke service for more details.

  • I love the vintage bunting - Can I buy more than 1 piece of a style?

    What makes all of our vintage bunting so special is that every piece is totally unique. It is pretty much impossible to make two bundles the same but, if thre’s a particular look you are after then we can create a range of similar pieces that will work well together.

  • Can I hang the Bunting outside?

    All of our classic bunting is designed to look great but is also made to last. It is machine washable and is perfect for indoors or outdoors.

    The vintages ranges can be washed but are a little more delicate, and we recommend you treat them with extra care and tenderness!

  • What Size is your bunting?

    Our Classic bunting comes in two sizes: 20cm triangles and 12cm triangles.

    A strand of the large classic bunting consists of a 3m length binding, with nine 20cm triangles on, allowing 55cm binding each end for ties.

    A strand of the small classic bunting consists of a 3m length binding, with twelve 12cm triangles on, with around 60cm of binding each end for ties.

    The vintage ranges are all different depending on the bundles so its best refer to a specific bundle or contact us with your requirements. We can make bunting in many different sizes to suit you, just ask.

  • Can I hire your bunting?

    We no longer offer a hire service for our bunting – we prefer to concentrate on making beautiful pieces that people will want to hang on to forever. We are devoted to providing you with the most beautiful, well constructed, detailed Bunting that money can buy.

  • How quickly will I get my order?

    When you buy any ready made bunting from our online shop, we aim to ship it within 2 working days of your payment.

    The fulfilment of a bespoke order will be dependant on the type and size of job. Rest assured that the lead time on bespoke jobs is calculated and agreed upon at the point of contract between ourselves and the client.